St Helena Catholic School has a vibrant music program.  It includes instruction in music theory, voice, and instrument. Students learn how to play the recorder, hand chimes, wooden xylophone, and rhythm instruments.


Students sing in the church choir, and at special events. Singing at the Culinary Institute of America at Christmas time is an annual favorite. Additionally, the children have two school performances each year.


Our Music teacher, Mr Geoffrey Say, is a graduate of Cincinnati College of Conservatory Music. He has extensive experience working with children. He has been a steadfast asset to St. Helena Catholic School for over ten years.




Every other year, Saint Helena Catholic School invites MCT to visit our school. Students experience the fun of community theater, in a week long program. This unique program is a great learning opportunity for our students. It is a favorite part of the SHCS community.

This year, we will be performing Treasure Island on Friday Feb 17, at 6 pm in the school gym. Tickets will be available at the door for $10. We hope to see you there!