Saint Helena Catholic School has been a proud part of the St. Helena Community for over 50 years. Parents, students, and faculty participate in community events year round, and actively supports our community by honoring our first responders.

“Faith is the golden thread which binds us to the Lord, the pure joy of being with him, united to him; it is a gift that lasts our whole life, but bears fruit only if we play our part.” ~Pope Francis


Each year, Saint Helena Catholic Church honors our first responders in a “Blue Mass,” where we thank God, and pray for the protection of our responders and all they serve. Children from SHCS participate in the mass and are taught to respect these brave men and women of our community.


SHCS honors the rich Mexican heritage that has deep roots in our community through the Mexican Heritage Festival. The festival offers authentic Mexican food, a cultural experience, and a fun home-town carnival.


Thankful for the harvest, and all the workers in the vineyards and fields, SHCS shares the joy of the Harvest Festival each year by hosting a booth.


Las Posadas: In celebration of Sts. Joseph and Mary’s journey to find lodging for the Christ Child, SHCS hosts an evening of prayer, reenactment, and a meal that is open to the whole community.

Gift Baskets: In cooperation with the St Vincent de Paul Society, SHCS parents prepare gift baskets and meals to extend the joy of Christ’s birth to as many families as possible.