What We Offer

Thank you for your interest in St. Helena Catholic School. Building on the honored traditions of stewardship, we look to the future with great hope – offering our school families Academic Excellence, and a solid Faith Community: 


Academic Excellence: Our steady approach to education builds academic skill through scholarship, leadership, and personal responsibility. Saint Helena offers:

  • Spanish Program: Starting in 2017, student at SHCS will have the opportunity to speak, read, and write in Spanish and in English through an innovative immersion program. Beginning in the TK – 2nd grade classrooms,  core classes will be taught in Spanish and in English. This effective method will strengthen students cognitive abilities, and enable them to become bilingual and bi-literate, giving them a strong foundation for academic and career success.
  • Math / Science / Technology: Our S.T.E.M. certified staff offers regular hands-on projects, enabling students to apply book knowledge in engaging and concrete ways. Knowing how things work, will help students to grasp abstract concepts, and prepare them to meet the increasing demand for employment in the field of Science, Technology and Math.
  • Garden to Table: students draw on the rich agricultural traditions of our community by planting, harvesting, and preparing dishes from our School Garden. In 2017/18 Middle school students will participate in an emerging Culinary Arts series hosted by area chefs.
  • A Vibrant Music Program: that includes music theory, voice, and instrument instruction. Every year, students are invited to sing in the church choir and at community events. Individual piano lessons are also available after school.

Rich Faith Tradition: Our dedication to sharing the message of Christ within our school community is as energized as ever. Students, parents, and teachers:

  • begin each day with prayer
  • attend Mass weekly and
  • participate in 100’s of hours of service to the community. In recognition of all God gives us, we believe wholeheartedly in giving back

By focusing on Intellectual and Moral Formation we are able to build on the proud tradition of St. Helena Catholic School to offer our students not only a stellar education, but the best chance at a happy meaningful life – one where they will be better able to:

        (1) Make free informed choices for the path they take in life

        (2) Rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance, and

        (3) Be an active and influential member of the community

Contact us for more information on how to register your child or support the SHCS mission:

  • Email: office@sthelenacatholicschool  
  • Webpage: sthelenacatholicschool.org
  • Phone: 707.963.467

We look forward to hearing from you!  Yours Sincerely in Christ Jesus Our Lord,


Mary Herboth

Principal SHCS

Catholic Education: The Expectation is Excellence